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We are your place for Christ centered, heart connecting, marriage focused premarital and marriage counseling, and childbirth education.

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Dr. Pauline is available for speaking engagements! Click here for a list of topics and presentations Dr. Dillard can share with your group.



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Volunteers needed in the following areas.

Fundraising: We need a coordinator for upcoming fundraising events. Needs to be willing to make a lot of phone calls and contacts with local (Colorado Springs) businesses. Needs to coordinate with local people for set up and advertising. Needs to coordinate on line promotion and sales. If you would like to help Dunamas™ Center Ministries to be able to grow and support marriages, births and families in Christ, and you are well organized and would like to direct our fundraising programs we need you!

Part-time office help: We have a lot of little projects around the office that need to be organized and cleaned up. We are very busy with the growth of the center and could really use some local help to come in a few hours a week and help us out.

Social Media: We know that social media could be our friend. We just do not have time or talent to keep up with it. If you know how to use social media well and would like to help Dunamas™ Center Ministries become a presence to be reckoned with, we need you.

If you would like to volunteer in any of the above capacities please call Sharon at 719-231-7183