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Meet the Staff


Dr. Pauline Dillard
Executive Director/CEO
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As the Executive Director of Dunamas™ Center Ministries and the CEO of Dunamas™ Center, LLP I am excited to have you visit our website. I hold a Ph.D. in Christian Clinical Psychology from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. Dunamas™ Center Ministries is the fulfillment of a vision God gave me back in 1991, before I was a doctor. At that time I was a wife and mother. I also taught childbirth education classes, and attended births as a childbirth assistant. I knew that God would have me develop a center that would help families connect with Him in a deeper way during pregnancy and childbirth. That was a big enough idea to scare me! Little did I know that in the years to come God was preparing me professionally and personally for something even bigger. Along the way I felt led to go to graduate school to get a Ph.D. and develop my knowledge and ability to support families, not only through childbirth, but through marriage counseling and postpartum support as well. Other areas of the vision God gave me are also being fulfilled through speaking and writing venues.


In addition to the marriage counseling and birth education, I am a specialist in working with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from lifelong traumatic experiences. I also work extensively with understanding and healing for Birth Traumatomology Syndrome (BTS) for moms who have had cesareans and other traumatic births. I have also done research on postpartum mood disorders, and have developed a post birth care plan handbook.


I have a deep desire to help churches develop a Titus 2 program that will support post birth families. If the church can really step up as the family that cares at this time, young families will not be pressured to have to take on the burden of paying a postpartum doula.


My approach to healing is holistic in that I believe God made us body, mind, and spirit, and all three areas need to be cared for and healed. Therefore I help my clients/students with the process of connecting to God more deeply through prayer, helping their thinking through cognitive retraining focused on Christ, and through nutritional counsel and support when needed.


I have been married to my husband, Mike, since 1982. I am blessed by his understanding of God’s call and his continued support; spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Mike and I have three grown sons and are enjoying the grandparenting years. We live in Colorado Springs, CO


I hope you will dig into this web site and explore all that God has given me to share with you. And welcome to my world!


Dr. Pauline



Jeff and Catherine Pearson
Childbirth Educators
(Click here to hear a short testimony of why Jeff was led to teach birth classes with his wife.)


Jeff and I are Colorado natives who grew up in Fort Collins. After our wedding in June 1999 we moved to Colorado Springs. We have three children: Elizabeth, born in 2003, Nicholas, born in 2007, and Kacia, born in 2009.

In March 2008 Jeff and I completed our Christ centered and heart connecting marriage intensive with Dr. Dillard. In October 2008 we completed class studies for childbirth education through the Cascade Christian Childbirth Association. Since fall of 2008 we have been studying with Dr. Dillard, learning the Discerning Childbirth™ method of childbirth education. We were also privileged to observe John Regier at Caring for the Heart Ministries. During this time of training we studied materials by Kelly Townsend, Sheila Kitzinger, Marsden Wagner, and Pauline Dillard.

Jeff and I enjoy teaching together, and in addition to covering the mechanics of the childbirth process, we also explain how to welcome Jesus to be the center of your pregnancy, labor and delivery.  Since we completed our training, we have had the pleasure of helping many couples connect to Jesus and discern what His best plan is for their birth. We would love to help you too!

I am also very excited to be growing in a new capacity with the Center: Health and Wellness Coach!  It is my passion to see people reach their fullest physical potential so they can then go do the work God has called them to do.  If you feel hindered by health issues (even seemingly minor ones!) or just aren’t sure how to eat healthy for your body, please contact the Center and I will be in touch with you.  Let’s get healthy and get moving!
In addition to being a part of the Dunamas™ Center’s Discerning Childbirth™ education team, Jeff was the driving force in the development of the brand design and marketing materials for the Center. If you would like to have Jeff help you with your brand identity contact the Dunamas™ Center and our staff would be happy to get you in contact with him.




Sharon Prosser
Executive Assistant


I was born, and lived, in the Topeka/Manhattan, KS area until 2003 when God called me to move to Colorado Springs. I became a nurse in 1983, and worked in all areas of nursing over the years. Before moving to Colorado, there was 3 things that the Lord told me I would do. One of them, and the last one He told me was I would work in a ministry. The first 2 happen then in 2008 I started working with Dr. Pauline Dillard in the development and formation of the Dunamas™ Center. In 2009 came on staff full-time. When you call the Dunamas™ Center I am the person you will most likely interact with first. Although the Dunamas™ Center is a private organization, it has a ministry heart—fulfilling the call God put on my heart back in 2003. In 2014 I retired as a nurse. Even with working at the Dunamas™ I was doing part time nursing. Did not retire from the Dunamas™ Center. The passion that God has given me for this work is hard to believe. After reading the Bible I do not find the word “retirement” in it. So it is my belief that God can and will use me in this time of my life. I work beside Dr Pauline, Jeff and Catherine to bring praise, honor and glory to God.

Sharon has 3 adult children and enjoys her 5 grandchildren.