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About Us


Dunamas™ Center Ministries is your source for Christ centered, heart connecting, marriage focused premarital counseling, marriage counseling, birth education, and family and postpartum support. Here at Dunamas™ Center Ministries we strive to care for each person as Jesus would care for the by showing them the love of Christ in all we do. It is our desire, not to move people into long-term counselor, but into healing. That is why we use an intensive model of counseling. We accomplish this in the following ways:



Web Cam Counseling


We now offer web cam counseling. In addition to the regular counseling charges, the couple will need to obtain a video cam and will have to do the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Assessment via mail. This would be instead of having the expense of coming to Colorado Springs for five days of intensive counseling. However, the counseling would still follow an intensive model, and if there are children in the home you will be required to have babysitting during the scheduled counseling hours.


When having your counseling done via web cam Dunamas™ Center Ministries and its counselors cannot guarantee confidentiality due to the fact that we are using electronic access, although we will do our best to maintain the basic confidentially of any counseling. Contact our office for more information.


Speakers for Your Group

Dr. Pauline can speak to any group at your church on various topics related to marriage, emotional and spiritual healing, or childbirth and postpartum needs. She also speaks to secular groups regarding Birth Traumatomology Syndrome (BTS), birth planning, and postpartum care. She has spoken on a wide variety of topics in both church and secular settings. Click here to see a list of currently available topics, or contact the center if you would like her to plan a special presentation for your group or organization. To learn more about Dr. Pauline go to her bio. Don’t wait! Schedule Dr. Pauline to speak at your event now.


Our birth educators, Jeff and Catherine Pearson, are also available to speak to your group about birth issues such as how to make Christ led decisions for your child’s birth, the role of men to be strong leaders during pregnancy and childbirth, and Biblical health and wellness. Contact the center if you would like schedule Jeff, Catherine, or both for you group or event.