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Marriage Counseling


See how easily you can have the Christ centered, heart connected marriage adventure you’ve always dreamed of.

A marriage counseling intensive at Dunamas™ Center Ministries can help a good marriage become great, and a struggling marriage to move toward healing. Don’t think in terms of fixing something that’s wrong, but learning something 90% of us just don’t know because we’ve never been taught.


And what’s in that tool box anyway?


    Our marriage intensive includes the following

  • 15 hours of heart connecting counseling and coaching.
  • A follow up 1 month later whether in person on via phone/skype
  • The Taylor-Johnson Temperament Assessment to find out where we are starting from.
  • Worksheets for gaining understanding quickly
  • Coaching on how to talk to your spouse’s little boy or little girl
  • How to care for a heart
  • Guided prayer to learn how to connect with Jesus in a deeper way
  • Nutrition assessments as needed


Call Dunamas™ Center Ministries to schedule your marriage intensive now!

And check out our Glenn Eyrie package!