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Birth Options Questionnaires


Questionnaires for a Discerning Childbirth



"I directed my mind to know, to investigate, and to seek wisdom and an explanation, and to know the evil of folly and the foolishness of madness." Ecclesiastes 7:25


These questionnaires are designed for use when going through the decision making process for your birth. Take the appropriate questionnaire with you to all interviews and tours and use it to write down the answers you get to your questions. You may print copies as needed. As you ask the questions don't just consider the answers, but the tone of voice, and manner of the person answering the questions.


Once you have done your interviews and had all your questions answered take the information to prayer. These questions are simply designed to help you gain the knowledge you need to exercise your faith.


As you go through this process remember that you are hiring people to do a service for you. It is no different then if you were looking for a contractor to replace your floors. You would talk to several and not just hire the first one you talked to. You would want to know what their track record was and how other people liked their service. You would also want to make sure they communicated well with you, and allowed you to make the decisions that would best suite your family and home. Should you do, or expect, any less for the birth of your baby? Sadly, most people spend more time and money on finding the right person to do home or auto repairs than they do finding the right person and place for the births of their children.


Be blessed as you grow closer to God and His son, Jesus Christ, through the process of pregnancy, birth and the bringing forth of new life.